BeLaRiC April 2024/22

  In this week/beyond, don't ever.. *".. classify {compare, measure) yourself/someone with another person, it doesn't make valid sense.." - Paul (also named Saul of Tarsus; 64/65 AD)*  .. you can be inspired/motivated by someone as your role model, but, don't use their life/work as your yardstick, because, life/work is a relay race. Instead, learn from those that do theirs well, and find a valid way to do yours excellently. - *Divinfavor*

4 - MAP

 *Over familiarity* This is the worst weakness/spirit that seems to catch up with everyone, and if not handled with care, it will destroy/deny people their glorious destiny. The thief at the cross exhibited the highest faith, that was why he was the first to be granted/guaranteed heaven. Because, he wasn't over familiar with Christ despite going through the same situation, unlike the other thief, who was too familiar. Always see People/Things *New* no Matter the level of familiarity.

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 *Reason* If you don't have any valid reason for doing what you are doing, anybody can easily talk you away from your opportunities. Whenever You've an opportunity, please be reasonable & stay focused!

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There can't be two captains in a ship.  God (Christ) is not three persons, nor is God in three persons. And, these Statement, " the name of God the father/Son/Spirit..", doesn't make 3 Gods, it's just a name terminology that refers to who/what God is & can be for anyone, i.e. just like, i am a Boss/Friend to some people and they call me Sir/Buddy, as well as a husband/father to my wife/children, and she/they call me honey/daddy. And, it also refers to the Almightiness of God to exist both in time, outside time & fore-time, all at the same time. ".. the Lord, thy God is one .."  Just like Man has a Spirit/Soul/Body, So does God. You can't say that you have three computers, just because the computer has both software, malware and hardware. That will be an incorrect statement.  You simply say, I have a computer, even though it's composed of both software, hardware & malware, it's still one computer and not three computers. "

40 - MAP

 God loves & offers Me more than what I can ever imagine/what His opposition can offer. He offers/made me Himself, and sets me to sit on the highest where He is sitting, far above all Creations/Powers/Principalities. Whereas, His opposition foolishly thinks/tries to be like God, and unaccomplishably wants to set himself above just one creation of God out of many other creations, i.e. stars of God, but, couldn't  achieve such a very limited/little ambition, lost his admirable position, then, the enemy (Christ's opposite)  decided to deceptively steal from man (our fore-fathers), because, he can no longer come near God, but, opposes Him (Christ, God)  from afar and offers me nothing meaningful but death in disguise, i.e. deception (the same old wiles that he used to destroy our fore-parents) I have always learnt & relearned that as a "Joseph",  I should always love my "Mary" (Galatians 5; those qualities that bears Christ) as well as to always uphold &

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 Have you ever wondered why the number called; One is very significant? It’s because, the number called one, isn’t  common  to be derived, but, it can  generally align. The only way you can derive one, is either as nothing plus it or minus/separate it  from the closest contender. You can’t add anything to get it, neither can you remove it to get it, except you have to minus everything to have it alone. You can derive every number via various means, but, the number called One can only be derived by either subtracting everything or adding it with nothing. It's so amazing to the extent that, anything/everything amusing is pronounced in it's order of sound, i.e. Wonder (1da). No wonder, Christ  said, “.. you can’t serve to masters, shall have no other God before me,  ..and there’s no other way to God except through Me (Christ), ..hear ye o’Israel , the Lord thy God is one. .." God (Christ Jesus) is the number one. And, one of the ways to describe the Almighty God is by

Divinfavor – BELARIC 2023. Oct. 7

  Ever Wondered If God Is Three Persons Or One?                         Worry no more, because, the Almighty God Himself {Christ) Said, “..Hear   ye O’ Israel, the Lord, thy God, is one..”            These statement by Christ as written in the Holy Bible {Scriptures), has cleared any confusion that has to do with how many Gods are available or how many Gods do Christians worship.                         Many has confused the term; In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as though Christianity worship three Gods, but, the truth of the matter is that, there is only one God, who is a Spirit, also   known as the father, i.e. author of life, coming into the human world in the way that He   decided to come, by   putting   on flesh in the person of   Christ, because, He isn’t limited, and has in the time passed visited the human world in various dimensions   even after the then first   Man/Woman. I.e. Adam & Eve, as well as all humanity, has fell out of Gr